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Privacy Policy FS.PAY

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Privacy Policy "FS.Pay"

We undertake to comply with the following rules for the protection of the data of our customers:

Use of the product "FS.Pay" with registration

The services of the product "FS.Pay" can only be provided with a personal registration

will. Within the scope of this registration, we collect the information we provide to you

Opening your e-money account, providing our services and complying with legal requirements


For the loading or unloading of e-money, ie for the transfer of money between your wallet account and

Your bank account ( "Reference Account") must contain your bank details (name / seat credit institution,

Account number / IBAN and bank sort code / BIC) A credit card number.

For the execution of payment transactions, the necessary data such as name,

No., Dealer no., Amount, date, time collected, processed and used. Use of this data

Is exclusively for the settlement of the transaction, including related transactions such as

Complaints handling and compliance with legal requirements.

Personal information

Personal data will only be collected, processed and processed by Volkswagen Bank GmbH

Used for the initiation and / or implementation of contractual relations with you, to the

Provision of services against you and to comply with legal requirements

Is, in addition, only if you have expressly given your consent.

Volkswagen Bank GmbH will only provide your personal data in the event of your express request

Consent or, in the case of the existence of a data protection authority, such as the

Compliance with legal requirements to third parties.

By registering with FS.Pay, you grant the following consent: "Consent to use the

Data for acceptance points: I hereby agree to the use of my name and e-mail address

To ensure that the participating points of acceptance accept the data for future transactions in their "FS.Pay"

Directory. "

Use your data for advertising and market research

The use of your personal data for purposes of advertising / market research is only made if

You have expressly given us your consent, for example, by subscribing to a


For this purpose we use your personal data for individual creation and sending

(Advertising) by mail, by e-mail and in other services ordered by you

Such as e-mail newsletters.

You can revoke your consent at any time. You can either use the link "Logout" on the

End of each newsletters or your consent by e - mail to or by

Post to Volkswagen Bank GmbH, Gifhornerstraße 57, 38112 Braunschweig, stating the terms and conditions set out at the

Mail address and the "FS.Pay" entry.

If you have your consent in the transmission of information about products and offers of the

Volkswagen Bank GmbH, this is as follows: "Consent to the use of the data

For promotional purposes: I agree to the use of my e-mail address for the purpose of transmission

Information about products and offers of Volkswagen Bank GmbH. My consent can

I revoke at any time without affecting the effectiveness of the contract for the future.


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From 01.07.2016 | *** "

Use of your personal data by Volkswagen Bank GmbH and credit agencies in


Why do we need credit reports?

With some of our services, we go with a prepayment and therefore take over with regard to

Our customers have a credit risk (for example, if you charge your wallet account by direct debit

Or in connection with a credit product of Volkswagen Bank GmbH). Therefore, it is

Necessary to reinsure our clients' ability to pay for these services by:

To obtain a credit assessment. This helps us in deciding whether to give the customer the product

able to offer.

What credit agencies do we work with? What are your contact details?

The following table contains a list of all credit agencies with which we are informed about our

German private customers in the context of credit ratings.

Name of credit agency and country of domicile

Address, contact details, to provide self-information more information

About the information stored there

SCHUFA Holding AG (Germany)


Cormorantweg 5

65201 Wiesbaden, Germany

Https:// (Contact)

Infoscore Consumer Data GmbH (Germany)

Infoscore Consumer Data GmbH

Privacy Policy

Copy to Clipboard

76532 Baden-Baden, Germany

http: //www.arvato-

What data is sent to the credit agency to obtain the credit report? Which dates

Remain in the database of credit agencies?

We will send the following information to the credit agency for the purpose of creditworthiness:


Data to receive the credit report: name, date of birth, address,

(If applicable).

This data and the fact that we have requested a credit score (score) about you

In the case of the credit agency temporarily remain mainly for the purposes of proof. Please contact

To the relevant credit agency or consult their website for more information



If necessary, information about non-contractual conduct on your part ( "negative data"),

Provided that the bank has obtained credit reports from you with this credit agency. This includes cases

, In which you have not offset a negative account balance even after repeated reminders,

Or cases of judicial enforcement against you. Transmission of these facts

Shall only take place if this is necessary to safeguard the legitimate interests of the Bank, the Credit Agency,

Is necessary and there is no reason to believe that your legitimate interest

At the exclusion of transmission.


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These facts are stored in the database of the credit agency and can be as described below

Described to determine your scoring value at the credit agency.

By agreeing to the credit report and this privacy statement,

- you agree that this data should be transferred to the external data mentioned in the above table

Credit agencies to obtain credit scores and a score, and that the

The aforementioned data to their databases.

- free the bank from banking secrecy.

How a credit agency uses data on "negative behavior" and address data for

Credit ratings?

The credit agency stores and uses the data it receives. The usage includes the calculation

Of a likelihood value based on the data available to the credit reporting agency

Credit risk (score). For the calculation of the score the credit agency, based on

A mathematical-statistical method, can also use address data. The received data will be

May be transferred to contractual partners in the European Union and in Switzerland in order to

To provide third parties with information on the assessment of the creditworthiness of natural persons.

Contractual partners of the credit agencies are companies which, by virtue of their offers, have a financial

Credit risk (in particular financial institutions, credit card companies, leasing companies,

As well as trading companies, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers, insurance companies and

Collection companies). The credit agencies will only provide these customers with information

If they can demonstrate a legitimate interest in the individual case that they have such information

And the transfer of the information is permitted after consideration of all interests involved.

It is therefore possible that the information made available to contract partners,

May be different.

How do you learn more?

You can contact the credit bureaus in Germany and receive your own personal information regarding the

Request information. The information that is stored about you can be downloaded from

Should be different, so it seems reasonable to have all credit bureaus

to contact.

Use of cookies

Our website uses at several locations so-called cookies. They serve our offer

More user-friendly and more effective.

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and which your browser saves. The

Cookies do not contain personal data. A merge of this data with others

Data sources are not made. Most of the cookies we use are so called

"Session cookies" that are deleted when you exit your browser session. There are also some

Long-lasting cookies by means of which we recognize you as a visitor.

Cookies do not damage your computer and contain no viruses.

The following cookies are set as part of the web tracing:

• Session cookie (for session detection, lifetime: one session)


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• Long-term cookie (to recognize new / regular customer, maximum life: 6 months without

Extended opt-in and 12 months with extended opt-in)

• Opt-out cookie in case of opposition to tracking, life: 60 months (5 years)

• Opt-in cookie to extend the long-term cookie, lifetime: 12 months

In your browser settings, you can specify whether cookies may be set or not. If

You do not want to be tracked specifically for this website, you can disagree further below.

Revocation for data storage

According to § 15 of the Telemediengesetz (German Telemedia Act), web site visitors can use the data storage of your

Pseudonymized recorded visitor data, so they will not appear in the future on this website

To be collected (recorded).

The cookie is set for the named domain, per browser and computer. If you visit our website

For example from home and workplace or with different browsers or computers

You would have to set the contradiction cookie from each computer and browser.

agreement to

extended cookie usage

Our statistical service provider uses so-called long-term cookies when you visit our Internet pages

visit. This makes it possible to recognize you when you visit our website again.

Recognition takes place with these cookies to optimize the contents of our website. In the

By default, only cookies with a maximum duration of 6 months are allowed.

For a long - term optimization of our website and the targeted provision of content or content

We also require cookie information over a longer period of time. With the

Extended cookie usage, you agree to extend the shelf life of the long-term cookie set

To a maximum of 12 months.

To complete your approval click on the link below.

Webtrekk Opt In

You can agree to this at any time, either by deleting your cookies or by setting them

An opt-out cookie.

Use of app tracking

To determine the frequency of usage and the number of users of our app, we use one

Tracking software. The resulting data will be stored exclusively in anonymous and

Summarized form on our own servers and stored for statistical purposes and for the

Further development of the app.

data security

When using FS.Pay, your data is transmitted encrypted (SSL connection).

We secure our systems by means of technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction,

Access, modification or dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons. Access to your

Personal profile is only possible after entering your personal password. You should use your

Always keep confidential information confidential and close the FS.Pay app when you use the


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From 01.07.2016 | 5

Communication with us have ended, especially if you share the smartphone with others


Right of access

You have the right, at any time, to obtain information about the data stored about you,

Including the origin and destination of your data, as well as the purpose of data processing. You receive

This information is only sent to your postal address.

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This privacy statement applies only to content on our servers and does not include those on our site

Linked offers.

about us

This is the privacy policy of the

Volkswagen Bank GmbH

Gifhornerstraße 57

38112 Braunschweig, Germany

Telephone support: 0531 - 212 2125


Commercial register: District court BraunschweigHRB 3790

Main place of business: Braunschweig, Germany