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MUUME Branch opened in Buenos Aires

Press Release


Cham/Switzerland, September 19, 2016. The Swiss Fintech company MUUME opened a branch in Argentinia in mid-September. With the newly founded MUUME Iberoamérica S.A. in Buenos Aires, the group is expanding into the Latin American markets. Discussions and contacts with possible customers and cooperation partners are already ongoing.

MUUME,, headquartered in Switzerland, is a platform for digital self-service for daily consumption that consumers can use to take care of their purchases and orders on their smartphones effortlessly and in a customized manner.

MUUME is an expert in digital product data management and digital payment. To this end, at its core MUUME deals with the digitization of everyday consumer and shopping processes and links them closely with the usual banking and payment services and with added values, such as loyalty programs, couponing, home delivery and pick-up service. Shopping, being informed and paying – everything digitally with one app, no matter whether at the POS, on the go or from home.

In the digital age, the consumer is becoming more and more self-directed: Traditional consumer processes thus become digital self-service processes, which are executed by the consumers themselves – even activities that were previously up to the merchant.